About Us

Welcome to Thankyouforpotsmoking.com!  A Proud sponsor of the American Cannabis Society®.

Looking back into the years past, there is this growing feeling of pride for my father, Prez Bob Kundert and all he did to free the herb in the tougher years. He went to dozens of shows in the 80's, spoke to a hundred thousand people in Houston and Seattle,  attended the first cannabis cups in Amsterdam, worked with Jack Herer and the top names in legalization....all before 1990.  After his passing in 2000 we were shell shocked, but kept his message brewing with the original "Thank You For Pot Smoking®" shirt and stickers. Now, with all the great medical and legal moves in so many states, this is our time to heat this message up!!  With dad in my heart, I'll say this with his power;  It is "high" time to get this herb free and legal in short order! 

We have expanded everything that the American Cannabis Society® stands for and you'll be seeing a lot more of us from now on. We are working at getting states legalized with initiatives that make sense.  We will be creating meaningful videos for the public to bring understanding of the innocence and benefit of this simple and noble herb. Our "Thank You For Pot Smoking®" message is moving and alive everywhere.

Join us, The American Cannabis Society,  as we free the herb.
And as always,  "Thank You For Pot Smoking"!!        

-Prez  Jeff