Vintage Thank You For Pot Smoking Grey Shirt - Medium

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A turn back the clock, vintage Thank You For Pot Smoking®T-Shirt brought to you by the American Cannabis Society®.
Back in 1978, American Cannabis Society came out with the original logo that defined Thank You For Pot Smoking and ACS. This vintage throw back logo could be seen in stickers, bumper stickers, pins, t-shirts, banners and it is now coming back to our newest t-shirt offering. You can now own a t-shirt with the original 1978 "Thank You For Pot Smoking" logo in the same ash grey colored shirt.
Thank You For Pot Smoking®

6.1oz T-shirt - Medium
99% Cotton 1% Polyester - Extremely Comfortable Wear
Seamless, Double Needle 7/8"
"Authentic" American Cannabis Society®Apparel